The Wally's Track Files

An alternative 4wd trip than doing the Holland Track. 

Track file download includes the following file extensions - jpg. plt. gpx, kml.



From Lake King to Hyden via Frank Hann and Peak Charles National Parks. 

Trip starts and Lake King and finishes at Hyden. 

This 4wd track has been unofficially adopted by The Wally's - and a percentage of the purchase of these track files will go towards the upkeep and maintenance of this 4wd track to assist in the 4wd tracks future access. 

The track easy and can be travelled with a soft-roader as well as a conventional 4wd vehicle. 

It is recommended to air down 10% to 15% on tyre pressure from normal on road pressures to help keep the corrugations to a minimum on this track. 

Length of foot print from front to rear should be the same including camper tyres. 

This trip is camper trailer friendly. 

Dogs are not recommended as there is a lot of 1080 poison baits and wild dog traps out there on the southern portion of the track.