Wilbinga CP Track Files

The Wilbinga Conservation Park is the last closest official on-road licenced 4wd area access to the northern Beaches of Perth. 

Track file download includes the following file extensions - jpg. plt. gpx, kml.

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The current official adoptees of this area and its 4wd tracks is the Wilbinga Shacks 4x4 Crew -  and the land manager of the Conservation Park is the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) of the Parks and Wildlife Service - of the Swan Coastal District. 

The Wilbinga Shacks 4x4 Crew and their extended groups assist in the management of the Wilbinga Conservation Park as volunteers. 

Funding for this Conservation Park is on a annual basis and is generated by DBCA of the Parks and Wildlife Services of the Swan Coastal District. 

These track files are to assist in traffic mamagement of the park. 

Start point is at the southern end of the Park, enter at Wilbinga Road and exiting at Wilbinga Grove. 

There are rubbish bins at Wilbinga Grove so please use these bins and not the bush for your rubbish disposal.